Apogee Reptarium - 100 gallon

100 Gallon Basic Reptarium Habitat by Apogee - For use as a 100 gallon tall OR a 100 gallon long

Apogee Reptarium - 100 gallon

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100 Gallon Basic Reptarium by Apogee - For use as a 100 gallon tall OR a 100 gallon long.

The 100 gallon Reptarium Enclosure features a full frontal opening, dual zipper door pull panel for easy access. Lights may be used atop the mesh to create the appropriate basking zones needed to maintain reptiles in captivity. Humidity is created as a result of moist substrates (use a SofTray cage liner) atop a reptile safe heat pad. These combined with the ambient temperature (65-70+ degrees) of your house/room make an excellent gradient of basking and cooling areas within. Experiment and modify to achieve your reptiles specific temperature needs (Hint: If your pet cannot reach close to the basking zone, than it's needs are not being met entirely).

Like the 65, the 100 may be used flat for terrestrial species (and a SofTray cage liner is available to fit this application).

From chameleons to bearded dragons, the 100 gallon may be used to provide an appropriate space for each. Used flat, provides area to the terrestrial bound species, and used tall accomodates aboreals while maintaining a close profile to the wall.

  • These are made of a Nylon type screen material (Not glass).
  • Size: 16.5" x 30" x 48
  • 100% ventilation for air breathing reptiles
  • Strong and escape resistant zippered entry
  • Lightweight and easy to assemble (3.6lbs dry weight)
  • May be used as both an indoor enclosure AND outdoor basking pen for full UV light to your reptile.
  • Lighting and accessories sold separately.
  • Six cage sizes that may be used in a variety of directions like long to tall!
  • Warning: the contents of this box may lead to PROLONGED HAPPINESS in pet reptiles!

Why Reptarium?

Reptarium's Open-air vs. glass tanks.
Reptarium's "open-air" enclosure design is better for the care of most reptile species than glass enclosures. In their natural habitats, reptiles receive constant fresh air. To accomodate this necessity, the Reptarium's mesh allows for increased air circulation. This consideration of the reptile's most basic needs becomes the foundation for your success as a keeper of most reptiles, amphibians, and arthropod species!

Durable Construction.
The nylon mesh is strong and non-abrasive to your pet. All Reptarium's are component based habitats that allow replacement of any piece quickly, easily, and affordably, providing many possible years of service to you and your reptile.

Lighting your Reptarium.
Reptarium's are designed to work with any conventional type of heating for reptiles.
Including: Heat bulbs, Ceramic lamps, Heat pads, Hot Rocks, Heat Tape, and Fluorscent lights. Do NOT rest light bulbs directly on the tubes or mesh material. Always make sure that your lamp's shroud is sufficient to fully house the wattage of the bulb you are using.

Easy Maintenance.
Reptarium makes cleaning and maintenance of your pets habitat easier. And even more so when you use a SofTray accessory (sold separately). Simply treat the decor items appropriately than wash the plastic components in your dishwasher. The Reptarium's mesh can be cleaned in your washing machine (gently cycle and detergent).

Choosing a Reptarium for your reptile is easy!
Reptariums are measured in gallons for your convenience. As a basic rule - if the Reptarium is to become a permanent home for your reptile, try to make it as large as you can. Reptiles, past the juvenile stage, like alot of territory to call their home. Try to build the habitat to resemble your reptiles' native surroundings. Reptariums include 3 frame clips to help attach cords and foliage to it's frame, making your decorating task that much easier.

Natural Sunlight and your Reptarium.
A multi-functional design is another benefit that makes the Reptarium the award winning product it is! With features like light-weight construction and open-air habitat that won't overheat, this enclosure also works both indoor and outdoors so your pet can enjoy it's most important health resource - SUNLIGHT! Since the reptarium doesn't use materials like glass or plexi, which block or filter the ultraviolet of the sun rays, the Reptarium lets your animal enjoy  the sun's natural effects on it's system!

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