Zilla Desert Series Low Profile T5 Fixtures

Fixture and full-desert UVB bulb combination with trim, compact design that`s perfect for tight spaces.

Zilla Desert Series Low Profile T5 Fixtures

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Fixture and full-desert UVB bulb combination with trim, compact design that`s perfect for tight spaces.
  • Fixture and bulbs in one convenient package.
  • Desert 50 bulb builds calcium in pets from arid climates.
  • Fits in tight spaces--only 1" high.
Without a daily dose of UVB ultraviolet light, reptiles from desert regions won`t produce the calcium needed for proper bone strength.

Desert 50 lamps deliver a full desert UVB (50 microwatts per second/cm2) in a range of sizes to fit most terrariums. Includes Desert 50, T5 fluorescent bulbs for full UVB, UVA and visible light to flatter reptile colorations, housed in a sturdy aluminum fixture in sleek designer black. The highly polished reflector is protected by a full-length acrylic lens cover, and the entire unit fits in a space only 1" high.

Meets CUL standards.

For extra convenience, add a Power Center to automatically match your pet`s day/night life cycle (sold separately).

Zilla Desert Series Low Profile T5 Fixture comes ready to use, complete with 12 watt bulb.  It is a low profile fixture only one inch high so you can enjoy looking at your pet, not the overhead apparatus. 

This Zilla fixture has a polished reflector for maximum light distribution and its 19 3/4” length is perfect for small tanks.  Black is the only color available but it is a color that fits with any type of décor.

The Zilla has a 50 UVB fluorescent bulb insures that your reptile has healthy light that promotes calcium absorption for strong bones.  If your pet was living in its natural environment it would enjoy the sun’s natural UV rays but in captivity it loses that freedom.  Ultraviolet light absorption allows the reptile the ability to process calcium for strong bones.  Without access to UV light, your reptile’s bones can become soft and not provide the support that his body needs.  UV light also interacts with a reptile’s metabolism in other ways and helps prevent deadly respiratory infections. 

The illumination of fluorescent light enhances your reptiles beautiful natural color while keeping it healthy and happy.  In fact, Zilla’s 50 UVB bulb produces a UVA to UVB ratio that is as close to natural sunlight as you can get!

Consumers who have bought the Zilla Desert Series Low Profile T5 fixture have praised it for its beauty, reliability and ease of operation.  One customer wrote, “I was having issues with providing enough sunlight for my Burmese Python—setting his tank by the window caused it to become too hot.  This fixture is a lifesaver-literally!” 

It can be very dangerous to keep your pet’s terrarium near a window in order to provide the light that it needs.  While natural light is certainly preferable, it will heat up the reptile’s habitat and can quickly cause a life threatening situation.  And what about those inevitable overcast or rainy days when the sun just isn’t available?  By using a fluorescent lighting system, you satisfy your pet’s need for ultraviolet rays without putting it at risk of death or injury.

It’s not enough to provide your reptile with a heat source, as you can see.  UV rays are very important if you want a happy, healthy reptile.  If you do not provide that important type of light, your pet will not feel good and may even be hostile.  Most reptiles are not aggressive unless they feel threatened and you probably enjoy handling your pet.  However, if deprived of the ultraviolet rays that is so important to its health a reptile may act hostile just because he is ill.

The T5 has a removable lens cover that allows easy access when changing the bulb.  You should change your fluorescent bulb about once a year unless it burns out for some reason.  For added convenience a six foot power cord is included.  The on and off switch is conveniently located on the durable black aluminum housing.

The Zilla Desert Series Low Profile T5 Fixtures range in price from $99 to $199.

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