Goliath Horn Worm

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Goliath Horn Worm

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Great food for chameleons and other hard to feed lizards grows huge very fast.

Your reptile needs treats occasionally to supplement their lifestyle. Sometimes your reptile friend will go on a hunger strike leaving you frustrated and afraid your pet will die. Enter the Goliath Horn Worm, a soft-bodied insect, green in color, which to your lizard or snake is like a chunk of chocolate to us.

The Hornworm looks something like a caterpillar but can brag that its 68% protein, and only 20.7% fat. If your reptile seems sluggish, which they can be due to boredom with their usual meal, feed it a Hornworm. They have six times more protein than an egg, and nine times more protein than a rat.

Since the Hornworm has a soft body, they canÕt hurt your reptile because the worm has no teeth or rough skin. They are so slow the reptile doesnÕt have to worry about chasing it or losing it. Goliath Hornworms are colorful and delicious to reptiles and taste better to them than other insects do.

Newly hatched worms have to be maintained at warm temperatures of around 78 degrees or they will not grow and might die. When the Hornworm reaches ? of an inch long - about ten to twelve days from hatching - they are past the critical stage. You should keep them warm though if you want them to grow larger and healthier. They usually grow 4Ó in fourteen days. If you donÕt want them growing that fast just keep them at a cooler temperature like 55-65 degrees.

Now if you have a garden full of tomatoes, green peppers, potatoes, eggplant, jimson, or petunias donÕt pick the hornworms off your precious plants to feed to your reptile! These plants are very toxic to the reptile, but fine for the worm. If your snake, lizard, etc. eats on hornworms from a garden the worm will be toxic to the reptile. All reptiles require careful feeding for their best health.

Even after careful grocery shopping in the vegetable and fruit aisle, your lizard, or snake can become very picky, this will show in its physical and psychological health. Giving your reptile a treat like the Goliath Hornworm may be just the thing your pet needed!

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