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A reptile habitat is one of the most important aspects of having a reptile pet.


A reptile habitat is one of the most important aspects of having a reptile pet. Its important to be sure that its secure and provides enough room for immature reptiles to grow properly. There are a lot of things to consider in choosing the right reptile habitat.
If you havent yet chosen the reptile that you want, youre in luck because you have a lot of time to plan your habitat. One aspect to consider is whether you have a reptile that would enjoy being handled. In this instance, youll need a habitat that allows you easy access. If you decide you want a tortoise, the habitat will be easy to reach into as they have extensive open areas enclosed in coated wire for exercise. A snakes cage almost always requires you to reach in from the top, which can be quite alarming to your pet and result in unintentional biting.
Aquariums are the most popular ways to house reptiles. The glass allows an unobstructed view of the pet unless it elects to use one of the hideouts youve presumably provided and also helps absorb heat from bulbs or rock heaters. When an aquarium is used as a dry habitat it is called a terrarium. Terrariums are quite versatile and come in such a variety of sizes that there is sure to be one suitable for the reptile you choose.
There are also smaller, plastic cages that are called vivariums and come with a ventilated lid. These are usually for smaller pets such as chameleons but can also be used as housing for your reptiles food. They make very good, humane storage for crickets, mice or other live creatures you may need to keep on hand to feed your pet. Some people even put toys inside vivariums to make life as pleasant as possible for feeder mice.
Once youve chosen the type of reptile you want and decided on the proper sized habitat, its time to make it an ideal home for your pet. You will need branches or small logs for them to climb on or hide in, plants to provide fresh air or even a natural place to hide and a water supply. There will have to be a natural type of organic material covering the bottom of the cage; this can be sand, dirt, woodchips, moss or a combination of these elements.
Something you never want to do is bring in branches, dirt or other elements from your yard or nearby as furnishings for your reptile habitat. Doing so can expose your pet to mites, parasites, viruses, fungus and other dangers that can make them ill and even kill them! Commercial products, especially the ones taken from a reptiles natural environment, are cleaned and sterilized to make them free of anything that could harm your pet.
By researching your pet, using some common sense and making sure youre choosing safe items for your reptile habitat, you can enjoy many years with healthy and happy pet.

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