Zoo Med Naturalistic Terrarium

Zoo Med Naturalistic Terrarium - Reptile Habitat

Zoo Med Naturalistic Terrarium

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A luxury home for your reptiles

- Uncorroded stainless steel screen top.

- Solid glass sides which give you a complete view of your terrarium.

- Aquatic and non-aquatic reptile species can be housed.

- Special screen top allows greater UVA and UVB penetration.

- Lockable door for safety and security.

Do you wish to set up a Paradise for your reptiles? Do you wish to introduce a small piece of nature and serenity to your office or home? Then buy Zoo Med Naturalistic Terrarium. It can be purchased having the measurements 18 x 18 x 18 or 18 x 18 x 24.

Zoo Med Naturalistic Terrarium
has a full front glass and a snap enclosure. Hence you have a full vision of your reptiles and their environment. For opening the door, the latch should be pressed down and the plastic door frame should be pulled. For closing the door, pressing the latch down you should push the door and the latch should be released.

The mesh in the screen cover is made up of stainless steel. So it can’t be corroded and it allows better UVB and UVA penetration. If the two tabs are pressed and the cover is lifted, the screen can be removed. It can also be reinstalled.

Just above the door latch Zoo Med Naturalistic Terrarium Repti Lock can be installed. It ensures the safety of not only your terrarium animals but also your children. A Terrarium Light Bar is mounted inside the terrarium. One light bar, one mounting hardware and one 100 watt ceramic fixture can be fitted in the three light fixtures that are available in the light bar. This gives a modern and clean look for your terrarium.

In Zoo Med Naturalistic Terrarium, there are 6 exit locations for power cords. It also has airline tubing exit slots. The clips in the screen cover should be hold down so that a tight seal is created. This prevents the feeder insects from escaping. The bottom of the terrarium is completely watertight. If you are housing a aquatic species, you can use 2.25quarts of water. In the case of non-aquatic species, you can add eight quarts of substrate. You can create waterfalls in the terrarium using a background and a pump.

The grill having many ventilation holes allows a continuous airflow inside the terrarium. For the accommodation of under water heaters, the sides of the terrarium are slightly raised. You can also set up your own terrarium using the Zoo Med products.

Zoo Med Naturalistic Terrarium can be easily cleaned up. Its quality is good and gives an amazing look to your house or office. It provides a better viewable area. It is expensive but considering the maintenance and security factors, it is better than any other terrarium. The average price of an 18 x 18 x 18 Zoo Med Naturalistic Terrarium is between $80 and $95.


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